Blog Post #10: Reflection on the Interview

Dr. Joseph Simone the man that my group and I interviewed for Essay 4

Dr. Joseph Simone the man that my group and I interviewed for Essay 4

For our Interview, my group and I had a rough start. We thought we were going to do the Interview with Autumn’s mother, and we planned on doing that for about a week. Then the following week in class Autumn told us that her mother did not feel comfortable with us doing the Interview on her profiling case. So, back to square one. I thought of every person I knew, and this was a tough situation for me. The last time I did an Interview paper in high school was for extra credit, and not mandatory. I did the paper anyway, and I used my best friends father, who I have known since I was 5 years old. Doing an Interview with her dad was such an awesome thing because Mr. Blanks was such a quite man, and I had no idea what his life story was besides the fact that he was in a War. He was in the Vietnam War, so he was a Veteran with a lot of interesting stories I got to know through out the Interview. The tough part is that this past summer he shot himself. No one will ever know why, but honestly I was honored to have gotten to do that Interview with him before he took his life. Now I can’t do Mr. Blanks, so I started thinking of other people that I knew that were in a War or had an interesting life story. After going through every contact in my phone I called my grand mother and she said that her friend, Pat Simone, may have someone that could help me with this Interview. I called Pat Simone’s husband one morning and told him about our paper, and asked if we could do an Interview with him and he accepted my offer. Dr. Joseph Simone did many things including a medical career since 1967 at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where he spent most of his time researching efforts to improve therapy for children with cancer. The interview went very well, and was very interesting. My group and I had a full page of questions to ask him while we were there, and the entire Interview was about 30 minutes long. Now that the Interview is completed it is time to start the hard part, the paper.


Blog Post #9: First Paragraph of my essay on Praying for Sheetrock


praying for sheetrock

The way Melissa Fay Greene wrote Praying for Sheetrock is not the normal way a story is usually written. The stories themes are surprisingly related to the people in the town, and you get to know each person of the town so well, as if you actually met them before. Fanny Palmer keeps her faith and prays to God for the one thing she needs to finish her house that she has been working for her entire life. Every person in the town is having to accept the struggles for poverty, and how the day consists of seeking food and warmth. While Tom Poppell, the Sheriff in McIntosh County is so corrupt, and everything he does he has to benefit from in some way. Although the Sheriff is so twisted the even more twisted part is that the whole town loves him, and does not realize what he is doing. Praying for Sheetrock has many themes that are important such as Faith, Poverty/ Hardships, and Corruption and each characters story relates to one of these themes some how.

Blog Post #8: A Reader’s Guide Praying for Sheetrock


Fanny Palmer was a hard working woman her entire life. The way she describes the oral history of slavery through out her family is sort of shocking, because it is not what we usually hear about in textbooks. The way Greene describes that Fanny grew up in the field like a slave and puts this image in our mind of a woman standing in ice all day is shocking. The experience Fanny Palmer had no one would want to go through all her life being treated as a slave, but never complaining along the way. In textbooks you never quite hear all the harsh details that she describes. All her life she has been saving up to try and buy this house and finally has enough money to afford it, but needs Sheetrock. She prays and a truck crashes with Sheetrock. This is a deep story about Faith, Poverty, and Corruption. The way Greene puts together this story is so much more than research and study, and having to continue to go back each day for the story of what really happened. This book gives a true feel to how it was back then and Greene does an amazing job describing the detail so much more than the textbooks.

Praying for Sheetrock Discussion Questions


Part One:

What does Sheriff Tom Popell say when Thurnell Alston called on the Sheriff for help, for food, and for the extension of credit from local stores?

Why wouldn’t Thurnell Alston drink from the water fountain?

Part Two:

Ed Finch was shot with what type of gun in broad daylight?

Why did Sammie Pinkney get shot and then have to retire from the New York Police Department?

Part Three:

Why would the Sheriff sit in on every commission meeting even though he had no right to be there?

How did Keith get killed? What did he say the night before he died?


Reflections on my Research Paper


1. What went well? Did you do anything differently this time that you learned from last time?

I really liked the topic I chose. I enjoy my work community, so getting to write a paper about work felt like ideas just came to me. This time was very different from last time one of the main things that I did differently was going to the Library and asking the Librarian for help. Most of the time I hate asking for help, so going outside of my bubble and having help to find the research was a very good choice I made for Research Paper.

2. What was hard? Why do you think it was?

One of the hardest things about this paper was the research. Like I said while writing I felt like my ideas just came to me. At first, I spent a lot of time starring at the blank computer screen trying to figure out where to start, but once I got started ideas were flowing. That was the easier part because in class we have been practicing writing all year. The thing we haven’t done yet was research, so that was harder for me, and I think it was so hard because I haven’t written a research paper since high school.

3. What would you do differently next time?

Next time I would start earlier. A really bad habit that I have is procrastinating and I need to stop doing it because in the end it really stresses me out way more than I need to be. So next time I would start my research earlier on into the paper. On Friday, the day the paper was due, I really didn’t think I was going to finish it in time because I knew I had to have it done by Thursday night since I worked a double on Friday and wouldn’t be able to turn it in. Luckily I got someone to cover my lunch shift at work, and got to have extra time to finish my annotated bib and my paper. Image

The pictures that is attached are the signs my managers put up next to all the sinks in the kitchen to remind workers to wash their hands frequently. I told my manager I wanted to interview her for my essay, and when I did so I told her about my idea with the employees must wash hands sings, and how they should be located in other places other then the bathrooms. They added these signs up last week after I told them what can lead to when employees don’t take a little bit of time to wash their hands properly. 



Blog Post #7: Praying for Sheetrock


It was really tough for me to get into Praying for Sheetrock. I am already a really slow reader, and after working 3 doubles in a row at work this past weekend I was extremely tired the time I got around to reading. I caught myself having to go back and read the same passage again because I really wasn’t paying attention, and my mind was else where. The next attempt starting to read was when I sat outside on my porch where I found that place that I could focus on what I was reading, and actually understand what I was reading. I have never read a non fiction book about the racial equality and I think it is actually something I find myself enjoying. As I have been reading I like how Melissa Fay Greene writes as if you were there with her she gives a lot of details and helps you get to know each character. I am almost to part two, and after reading the Praying for Sheetrock chapter I really think the title fits the book. After getting through part one it has become a lot easier to focus and get into this book. I can’t wait to get to the last part, because that is where I heard it gets even better! Honestly, I was even thinking about skipping to the end to just see what happens, but after doing that I know I will not want to continue to read because I already know what is going to happen.

Blog Post #6: Process of My Research Paper


Library One problem that I am having in the process of my Research paper is moving forward. I chose my topic, and now I feel like I am stuck. Honestly, on Tuesday I was thinking that I was going to have to change my topic. I talked to Dr. Crowther in class and told her that I tried everything and kept getting nothing. I hadn’t found any sources and was so stressed about the whole paper. I tried putting all sorts of things in the search bar on the database websites and everything was too broad, like the unsanitary restaurants in India. When I would type in specific things to Georgia or Atlanta that is when No results were found. Dr. Crowther told me to go to the Library before I gave up and that I did.

I walked into the Library and the only other time that I had even been in that building was when we had class in the room to the right. This was the first time I had ever used the Library. I saw a lady sitting at this desk in the middle of the room. I went up to her, and told her I needed some help with my Research Paper and she told me to sit down. We talked about my topic, and she said it was a very interesting topic that she had never heard of anyone else using before. We started searching for keywords in the search bar, and at first she was having a tough time also. After a few minutes we decided that “Sanitary and Food Safety and Restaurants” had the most helpful results in the search engine. I thought I was going to have to change my topic when all along I wasn’t putting the correct words in the search engine. I walked out of the Library about an hour later and had 3 scholarly sources! I was so proud of myself. I know it may be weird to say that, but I was a little nervous walking into the Library for the first time. I am so glad I took Dr. Crowther’s advice and went by the Library because there was help all along I just had to seek it to get where I needed to go.